Jun 14, 2017

Aku. Masih berdiri terpaku.
Dalam puisi angin lalu
Ingin teruskan cita cita dulu
Atau move on dengan cerita baru?

Kau ni ada ada saja!
Pastinya ini bukan kisah cinta
Aku, Kau atau Dia
Ini harapan yang kian hilang
Tapi makin aku pendam
makin mendalam.

Apa yang harus aku laku
Bila hati sendiri yang celaru
Pilihan ada memang beribu
Ada lurus ada berliku
Ah aku masih keliru.

Kali ini
Aku tetapkan hati
Biar temui jalan mati
Ini hidup aku sendiri
Yakin punya jalan nanti!

Persistently Moody

And I'm back here again. writing only when I am overwhelmed by my feeling. It feels like a therapy for a cheapskate like me who wouldn't spend her money on vacation or shopping or any thing any girls would do when they are tense cause I don't have the privilege and that luxury to do so. How I wish I can. 

Currently I am trying to save up for my Master Degree this coming September unbelievable kan Fika yang so called busy with her rowing training and stuff wanted to further her study even though her Degree results takda lah gempak mana sheesh okay well so I've been working from November 2016 till now. say 6 months already but its hard to saving up. There is always something to do with the money I own. Okay owned lol hmmph. 

And having said that I am working, I don't asked my parents for a single cent up till now which I kind of proud for myself (Ya tuhannn riaknya hahaha) no but really, growing up is hard. Searching for a job is hard, buying car is troublesome, saving up is a headache. I always wandered how lah those kids went to vacation with their student label on. Weh aku yang kerja ni pun serabut nak menyimpan macam mana.

I don't know where this rant aiming for but kids, let sister tell you again, life is not a bed of roses. It might be, with thorns in package unless you're born with silver spoon. Blablabla what pisses me off right now is Hafiz told me I have wardrobe malfunction. That's heartbreaking okay *nangis bucu katil* Anyhow, every one has their own opinion kan. It's okay lah kan. I'm okay. 


Alhamdulillah- Countless blessing were given to us this year!

Varsity Boat Race 2016 at Kompleks Sukan Air Putrajaya

Pusat Kecemerlangan Sukan (PKS)- Malaysia has been blessed to walk home with overall champion for Rowing event. No words could explain how grateful we are upon this award. All we hope for is that this achievement would open up a way for this event to be continued in the upcoming years with great hope Rowing would be known by younger generation especially in Malaysia.

Personally, this is my fight to retain and preserves the gold medal we had achieved last year for Women LW4- and Alhamdulillah syukur we managed to do it with hard work and perseverance (cewah skema gila). Honestly, they wasn't my best strokes and we did mistakes here and there but than again, I'm blessed with such strong crews and couldn't asked for more. They are the best I could wish for. They did not give up eventho we row is such choppy water and strong wind. Plus they already cope so much with me babbling throughout the training sessions. thank you guys! And thank you for believing in me (As always, weight is my main problem). Honestly, I've come to the point where I felt like giving up but knowing how much you guys had sacrificed, drive me on. You guys are amazingly oarsome!

And for women 8+, we did our best and silver is all we got BUT its perfectly fine. Its shows that we need more improvement and on water training, together in the future and because this is my last event and probably my last stroke as a rower, I wish you guys the best for next VBR and claim those golds next year girls! All those sweat, tears, bruises, and tanning session will surely paid off!

I'm going to miss you guys, A LOADS!

And I do now, already. xoxo

3 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze

Signing off,

Melaka DayOut

 Assalamualaikum wbt.

So as promised, here is the entry on our visit to one of the historic place in Malaysia, Malacca.

Why Malacca? well first because it was Independence Day yeayyy! second is because Malacca is just next to us (Negeri Sembilan) and third, prolly because we had nothing to do on public holiday. Oh yeah and one more we wanted to cross all those museums on our list. Lets go through out itinerary shall we.

6.30  - Off we go!
7.30  - Arrived in Kuala Pilah for breakfast (RM20.00 for 5 people)
8.30  - Submarine and jetfighter replica at Klebang (RM 3.00 per entry)
          The famous Klebang CoconutShake (less than RM10.00 for 3 )
9.30  - Makam Hang Tuah (Impromtu lels)
10.30- Malacca Sultanate Palace Museum(RM3.00 for each museum)
         - Malay and Islamic World Museum
         - A Famosa
         - Menara Taming Sari
1.30  - Luncheon at Restoran Tiga Lima (35) Asam Pedas (RM70.00 for 5)
2.30  - Bought some souvenier at idk whats the name of the place lels
         - 2 Maritime Museum (RM5.00 for these 3 museums)
         - Navy Museum
         - Red Square (Stadthuys, Queen Victoria's Fountain etc)
5.00  - Cendol jam Besar (Price varies)
         - Walk along Sg. Melaka
7.30  - Medan Ikan Bakar Alai (RM80.00 for 5)
9.30  - Masjid Selat Melaka
12.00- Arrived at PPBGL, Jelebu

I was thinking to write on all the details but go find your own adventure (Read: I'm so lazy lels)


How does it feels like to have something taken away from you?