Its the fourth day of the holy month of Ramadhan
Still in Terengganu and here I am writing out 
Having 2 more papers this coming 23 and 27.
Left with Marine Ecology and Marine Biotechnology.
The subject itself is very broad you never want to know.

I think I just recently and finally accepting the fact
That I am placed here though I'm still questioning it
Sometimes. Oh well I know after 2 years. Wow.
And for the fact that I have a year left.
Lets cheer for me! yeay! 
A 3 years Degree Program. If you ever wonder.
How times flies kan? I'll be graduating in a year
A year left. soon I'll be gone
And I will forget you. Faith is all I have now


12 February.
Is the date she wont forgets. The words she will recalls forever.
The day people she believes in so much left, again.
No words nor apologies could turn back anything.
She shattered into bits, broken into millions pieces.
To be able to put trust on others needs courage,
And you fail her, big time.

She cant reverse the feeling this time
Looking back is the last thing she would do
By time, she thought of you
the thought that is sickening and repulsive; obnoxious

"I'm tired of acting to love you"

You deserves a standing ovation
you deserves my applause
Such a good actor you become, I fell for it.

Plot Twist.

Little did she knows,
Deep down she forgives you, Words she shan't utter; 
she mustn't. All in all she couldn't
In the bed, she cries knowing she couldn't hate you
"Hate him" has become her mantra even in her solah
"You're lying to yourself' said her heart.
And then, again, she broke into tears.
No you wouldn't know, you wouldn't care

Suffer is all written in her face. 
Are you happy now?

Someday you will ache like she aches
Someday you will cry like she cries
Someday you will lost like she is now.
Someday you will fail.

When that day come, she will pick up your calls
She will ease you and it will be the last goodbye.


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  1. Fikaaa :'"( I feel you.. Deep sangat post niee.. If this post refer to what you feel, I hope you can be STRONG. As STRONG as Fika that I know. :-) Go Fikaa. Kau pasti boleh lupa kan die.