Persistently Moody

And I'm back here again. writing only when I am overwhelmed by my feeling. It feels like a therapy for a cheapskate like me who wouldn't spend her money on vacation or shopping or any thing any girls would do when they are tense cause I don't have the privilege and that luxury to do so. How I wish I can. 

Currently I am trying to save up for my Master Degree this coming September unbelievable kan Fika yang so called busy with her rowing training and stuff wanted to further her study even though her Degree results takda lah gempak mana sheesh okay well so I've been working from November 2016 till now. say 6 months already but its hard to saving up. There is always something to do with the money I own. Okay owned lol hmmph. 

And having said that I am working, I don't asked my parents for a single cent up till now which I kind of proud for myself (Ya tuhannn riaknya hahaha) no but really, growing up is hard. Searching for a job is hard, buying car is troublesome, saving up is a headache. I always wandered how lah those kids went to vacation with their student label on. Weh aku yang kerja ni pun serabut nak menyimpan macam mana.

I don't know where this rant aiming for but kids, let sister tell you again, life is not a bed of roses. It might be, with thorns in package unless you're born with silver spoon. Blablabla what pisses me off right now is Hafiz told me I have wardrobe malfunction. That's heartbreaking okay *nangis bucu katil* Anyhow, every one has their own opinion kan. It's okay lah kan. I'm okay. 

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