Re-checking SPM Result

The date is scheduled anyhow I will write anyway
It wasn't that difficult as many would think it would.

*Insert story of how late I woke up*
*Insert story of KTM Bandar Tasik Selatan and  LRT Bandar Tun Razak journey*

There are few of us who wanted to recheck
*Insert story of waiting all of them to arrive*

One of my friend refuse to recheck because she thinks she doesn't deserved it
But who knows it might be my rezeki
Its His job to determine it. If He thinks my effort is not enough
Then He wont granted me for that. I need to keep that hope alive
And let it live blablabla whatever.

There are quite a number of us actually.
Mira, Naja, Alia, Harith, Bear, Mirul, Izhan,
Pijie, Durra, Hajar and the rest.
It was around 11 baru dapat jumpa cikgu

I wanted to recheck all three paper but ended up with only two
Decline the Chemistry paper because I only get a B
I was kind of ashamed with myself.
In fact I'm an avid sleep-er in his class lels
Therefore, B it is hm :(

I got like half and hour lecture from them
Asking why I wanted to do this. Hm well anyhow,
You need to somehow ask them about the form needed
So the most important task is to get the teachers sign
Which to approve your result as in to support your 'rechecking'
They will sign the paper that have all our marks (They will printed it out for you)
And you also need to have the sign of principal or the HEM teacher (any GPK)
And also don't forget to fill the form given (rechecking form)

Yeah, you are ready to post the letter!
or you can give it by-hand to
ministry of education somewhere in Putrajaya

You will received back the answer via letter too
It will take about less then a month. Don't worry.

Signing out.

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