Alhamdulillah- Countless blessing were given to us this year!

Varsity Boat Race 2016 at Kompleks Sukan Air Putrajaya

Pusat Kecemerlangan Sukan (PKS)- Malaysia has been blessed to walk home with overall champion for Rowing event. No words could explain how grateful we are upon this award. All we hope for is that this achievement would open up a way for this event to be continued in the upcoming years with great hope Rowing would be known by younger generation especially in Malaysia.

Personally, this is my fight to retain and preserves the gold medal we had achieved last year for Women LW4- and Alhamdulillah syukur we managed to do it with hard work and perseverance (cewah skema gila). Honestly, they wasn't my best strokes and we did mistakes here and there but than again, I'm blessed with such strong crews and couldn't asked for more. They are the best I could wish for. They did not give up eventho we row is such choppy water and strong wind. Plus they already cope so much with me babbling throughout the training sessions. thank you guys! And thank you for believing in me (As always, weight is my main problem). Honestly, I've come to the point where I felt like giving up but knowing how much you guys had sacrificed, drive me on. You guys are amazingly oarsome!

And for women 8+, we did our best and silver is all we got BUT its perfectly fine. Its shows that we need more improvement and on water training, together in the future and because this is my last event and probably my last stroke as a rower, I wish you guys the best for next VBR and claim those golds next year girls! All those sweat, tears, bruises, and tanning session will surely paid off!

I'm going to miss you guys, A LOADS!

And I do now, already. xoxo

3 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze

Signing off,


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