Degree Life: Tales to Tell

adjective: marine

  1. 1.
    of, found in, or produced by the sea.
    "marine plants"
    • of or relating to shipping or naval matters.
      "marine insurance"
    noun: biology; noun: biol.
    1. the study of living organisms, divided into many specialized fields that cover their morphology, physiology, anatomy, behavior, origin, and distribution.
      • the plants and animals of a particular area.
        "the biology of Chesapeake Bay"
      • the physiology, behavior, and other qualities of a particular organism or class of organisms.
        "human biology"


Assalamualaikum. Hi guys!

Myth 1: You need to be a biology student to enroll this course.
Reality: I took physical science during my matriculation years and one of my friend here took nursing before.

Here are some sciences notes (Important) on Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology). My point of view will come later. You will:

Graduating in 3 years (6 semester)
Completing at least 127 credit hours (compulsory to graduate)
Studying in School of Marine Science and Environmental Science
Having loads of fun!

So, as what i have promised you guys few days back, here are some glimpse of how being BioM student looks like. Anyhow, that is what we called ourselves, budak BioM and sciences students here are known to be the most selekeh students especially BioM and I really don't know how they get those ideas since I feel fab wearing jeans and shirt every day duhh so I'm here to object! lol. Speaking of attire, BioM is practically known to have lots of field work. We went to beaches, islands, mudflats, UMT's mengabang, nature parks, swamps, estuaries, marine parks, KLCC etc well this is basically based on the courses taken and elective subject we chose. hence, most appropriate attire for us would be old jeans (ready to be thrown out in case anything happen), sports attire, and rubber shoe if you must. You will found the importance of this shoe as you read along the subjects taken down below.

moving on to the subjects, here are the list of subjects taken by me these three(3) years. Some of them are electives and some of them are the core of this degree. 

1st Year: Botany Aquatic, Basic Microbiology, Introduction to Marine Science, Aquatic Methods and Instrumentation, Ethnic Relation, Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization// Biochemistry, Genetics, Bilogy of Aquatic Invertebrate II, Marine Vertebrates Biology, Biostatistics, Malaysian Nationhood.

2nd Year: Coral Reef Biology, Field Course, Ichtyophysiology, Estuarine & Mangrove Ecology, Biological Oceanography, Public Speaking // Planktonology, Aquatic Pollution, Academic Writing Skills, KPSM, Marine Ecology, Marine Biotechnology.

3rd Year: Marine Biodiversity & Conservation, Eco-physiology of Aquatic Organisms, Fish parasitology, English for Occupational Purposes, Basic Entrepreneurship, Environmental Impact Analysis, Aquatic Law & Policy, Environmental Science: Issues and Global Perspective, Final Year Project, Internship.

It gets difficult every semester but it does get easier as you go along, having good time completing all those endless assignments, lab reports, presentations. Did i mention we have loads of them and tons of other tasks? HAHAHA believe me, it was all worth it. I had cups of coffee though. They literally my blood right now!

As year goes, these won't be the same subjects that you will be taking. There might be changes here and there but roughly it is quite the same

Myth 2: Take up only electives that have relation to Marine Biology
Reality: Take up as many subjects as you want as long as they are not burdensome

Pin this down! the most popular elective would be Scuba which will provide you cheap payment for diving licence! but but but, there will be some tests before you are allowed to enroll this subject. well hm, you need to know how to swim which of course I failed HAHAHA but but but you can still dive with a little expensive amount under UMT.

The best part when I first came here is of course Pulau Bidong. BUT don't get it wrong. Pulau Bidong is NOT belongs to UMT, this island is under UMT supervision because one of UMT's research station is situated there so I got the chance to go there twice. Once for water confidence and stuff and second time for our fieldwork (a week). You will get more chances to go here if you are an excellent diver!


As an advice, equip yourself with loads of skills during degree years. Choosing marine biology has taught me a lot in terms of social skills, teamwork, confidence, and not to mention new fascinating facts (eh this one is not skill lol). Anyhow, it is experience of a life time! To put these in one post is not enough so I"ll update this again later if you guys have any question. Ouh btw, our club is known to be Marina Club. BioM student automatically will join in as a member.

Thank you for these amazing wonderful 3 years of my life. Honestly, I don't even know if I will ever survive this battle without you guys. I know I'm always out and away for rowing training and stuff and I know it is my lost for not able to know you guys in deep. The regret is mine. Thank you Sharu for being my first friend here, saying hi when I'm all lost. You're still the best exciting friend! Thank you Tan, Joyce, hajar, Shi Yan, Sophian, Kak Ain and Meor for wonderful presentation we had through 1st and 2nd year. Seriously you guys are the best when it comes to presentation and reports. I had my joyous moments with you guys! and I miss those honestly. Thank you Abol for guiding me through out my journey here. Thank you also to Lin, Fahidah and Mizi for idk, almost everything!

Afika Nordin

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