Internship in Jungle (As One Might Think)

Hi people. Assalamualaikum!

I was planning to drop off to tell you guys all that happened during my first day of internship but seriously I'm dead tired and almost collapsed (Read: Fall asleep) during Terawih HAHAHAHA so instead of my first day, I will sum them up in a weekly post plus I will turn this into my log diary for this 3months.

So stay tuned! as this is only the beginning of a new chapter teehee


So let us just continue from this post shall we?

The first day of internship went so well I almost do nothing lol. Ouh undergo my Internship at

Pusat Penyelidikan Bioteknologi Glami Lemi Universiti Malaya
Institut Sains Biologi, Fakulti Sains
Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan

No it's not in Kuala Lumpur. Glami Lemi is a branch of UM which have special purposes mainly in agriculture at which they are having research and manufacture of Scizophyllum commune or known as Cendawan Kukur. Honestly, I didn't asked for this. Doing biotech for FYP, I was hoping to continue something related with biotech however, to my surprise, "Kalau awak nak buat research, balik buat dekat universiti awak. Here, saya akan ajar awak on administration, marketing, and so on" I was like what? I did not signed up for this old man but but but, on a side note, administration work is tough and they could give me a different prospect in working life as "Dunia pekerjaan ni sangat berbeza dengan degree yang awak ada sekarang"

We get quite a long lecture on history, departments in Malaysia, and stuff in the morning I almost fall asleep geez office work definitely not Afika. Aha! We. you are not alone~ Going to spend these 3 months of training with the same FYP partners :) Fahidah and Hazlin. Together with Tarmizi. To be truth, I did not even sent out the application. well you guys could guess kan? HAHAHA  yup that lazy :p

In the afternoon, we went for site visit. PPBGL, c&p from their Facebook page:

 is a 120 acres research facility consisting of an administration building, lecture halls, meeting rooms, accommodation, farmyard area, aquarium, nursery, mushroom house and composting area. There is also a beautiful lake, playing field and a nearby hill that can be used for trekking. In the past, there have been sighting of wild boars and tigers too! The nearest town to this facility is the small town of Kuala Klawang situated 10 kilometers away.

And this site visit is not meant for jalan jalan only. We were given a task to discuss and present what else could we do in terms of generating income, administration, and etc about the area. First day of intern and works haha tiring enough but thats life kan hmmmpphh. Given only 3 days to generate idea and presentation would be in front of all the staffs during meeting. Aaahh face palm!

Picture above were taken during Iftar at Penjara. 

Internship: Second Day

Briefing in the morning and lectures again and this time, I did tertidur hahahaha. Later on, we did a little auditing and inventory as PPBGL ordered few things. Petang pulak we continue doing the slide show for the presentation. For berbuka, this time, we went to rumah En. Azman in Senawang which took us freaking 2 hours to get there. Nasib baik bukan wa yang drive kalau tak memang ke longkang lah cerita dia. The road here is one hell of rollercoster but as always, I managed to fall asleep kahkahkah bangga pulak. Full and bloated, we get to PPBGL at 2am.

Our room is only above the admin building. One thing for sure, no traffic jam in here because its kosong kosong kosong in here. Here some preview of our hostel. Daripada Form 1 memang tak pernah lari dari duduk asrama. The good thing is, its freeeeeee Alhamdulillah.

Internship: Third Day

Did some correction on yesterday work, slide again, and here, writing this stuff. Orang nogori panggil ni, handau! mengular hang tau dak. dah dok tau nok buat nape. Macam ni lah agaknya kerja pejabat ye dok? Belum isi lagi log book. Its the third day already. Blogging sempat pulak lol

okayyyyyyy. later!


  1. Assalamualaikum. Boleh saya tahu adakah PPBGL menyediakan tempat LI untuk pelajar Bioteknologi dari universiti selain UM? Terima kasih.

    1. Waalaikummussalam. ya, PPBGL menerima dan menyediakan tempat bagi Latihan Industri termasuklah bagi pelajar Biotek selain UM.

      But a soft reminder, currently, the only active research at PPBGL is cendawan kukur, compost (organic fertilizer) and aquaponic.

    2. And feel free to read more about us at

  2. ALhamdulillah, glad to know that. :) If you don't mind, can I ask you more about PPBGL? Like how to apply, the requirements needed?

    1. Dm me at Nur Afika (facebook) because the PPBGL's phone line at the moment is out of services :')